Hannah Bacani

Hannah brings her fire and energy from worldwide experiences in musical theatre, singing, and dance performance. Her class will allow you to let go and get lost in your own WORLD as you ride to the sound of her beats. As soon as you enter the studio, you can't help but be overcome by her contagious positivity and smile! But don't be fooled, her class will definitely challenge you to push past your limits while adding your own sass and style on the bike. Her class is an inspirational journey towards self-empowerment and realization for a stronger you, on and off the bike. Let's crank up the resistance, actualize your dreams, and dismiss your limits

Upcoming classes

  • Thu (10:30AM): Ride Rev
  • Thu (5:30PM): Ride Rev
  • Sat (5:30PM): Ride Rev
  • Mon (12:15PM): Ride Rev

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