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One credit equals one class. You can buy credits one at a time or in packages.


Choose your class time and reserve your bike. You can also book for up to 3 friends.


Ride Rewards

When will the points expire?

All points that have been acquired from April 2017- Dec 2017 are expiring this MARCH 31, 2018.

Note that, it takes 24 hours for your daily points to add in your total number of points.

Please note that we cannot differentiate the points you earned between the two cycles. We'd say, start using your points before it is too late!


How can we redeem our points?

Its simple! You can redeem your points by going to any of our branches and present your Ride Rewards card to our Front Desk Staff. We'll be ready to help you out.


Can I redeem my points online/call?

Sorry, you cannot redeem your points online as we have a strict NO CARD, NO POINTS policy. 


Can I ask my family/friend redeem my points for me by presenting my Ride Rewards Card?

We need to see you, the rider and owner of the card to redeem your points.


What if my points are not enough to purchase a package, can I combine cash with my points?

No, we do not allow combining redeemed points and cash to purchase rides.


How to find out how much points do I have in my Ride Rewards Card?

You can check your points by logging into ZAP's website,


What can I redeem with my points?

Use points to purchase packages and marchandise. Food and beverages are not included! Points purchases must be made fully with points only.