We're revolutionizing Manila's fitness industry.


We offer a pay-as-you train model – no contracts, no commitments. Buy your classes and book a bike online. At Ride Revolution we’re not building gyms, we’re building experiences.


Our workout is specifically designed to strengthen the body’s core, tone muscles and burn maximum calories. Light hand weights are used to target the upper body, giving you a true full body workout.

We use cleated shoes to increase the connection between the leg and the bike, engaging the hamstrings and glute muscles resulting in lean, toned legs – and no big thighs!

Every class is set to a specific and personalized playlist, created by the instructor. The music is your guide through your 45-minute journey, helping to push your body and metabolism out of its comfort zone. Our aim is simple – to allow you to lose yourself, let go and have fun.

For those who desire, we offer performance tracking in our classes. Through the data consoles on our bikes, we can track your power, calories burned, RPM, distance and heart rate. A report will be emailed to you after class and you can also track your progress by logging into our website.


A high intensity, low impact, full body workout on a bike, led by passionate and charismatic instructors. Our classes are efficient, effective and fun!


Music is the heartbeat of our class. Each class has a unique soundtrack to engage you emotionally and inspire you physically.


We have multiple classes throughout the day that can be easily booked online from your computer or smartphone.


We believe nutrition is integral to fitness. We offer fantastic, healthy cold-pressed juices, snacks and nutritional advice through our partner, Better Health.

Break the Cycle.

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